Our Members: CILSA, ACIJ, and Valoarte

During a series of recent visits, we had the privilege of getting to know up close the exceptional work of three of our members. These visits provided us with the opportunity to explore their programs, exchange ideas, and strengthen our collaboration for positive social impact.


The team at CILSA welcomed us with open arms, offering us an intimate look at their work towards the full inclusion of people with disabilities and marginalized sectors. For over 50 years, CILSA has tirelessly worked to ensure equitable access to opportunities and rights for vulnerable children and adolescents throughout Argentina.

We explored their various social programs, from vocational training to philanthropy, spanning multiple cities across the country.

ACIJ (Civil Association for Equality and Justice)

ACIJ greeted us with their commitment to a more just and inclusive society. We discussed their position within our network and cooperation opportunities, as well as new strategies for activism development and the social agenda.

We delved into the breadth of their thematic teams, addressing everything from democracy strengthening to the fight against child poverty and fiscal justice.


Valoarte shared their mission to promote emotional education with equal opportunities. We discussed their innovative educational programs in vulnerable contexts, as well as their comprehensive vision for better development. We also explored ways to leverage RACI’s space and resources to maximize their impact and expansion, as well as access international cooperation opportunities.

These visits were a testament to our members’ commitment to social transformation and collaborative work.

Thank you for having us!