We held the second Assembly of Members of the year, and one of our volunteers shares her experience

We welcomed our members to AMIA, where we reviewed all our activities, shared updates, and discussed new projects. During the assembly, we continued to explore strategies to address the challenges in the sector and took the opportunity to introduce new organizations that are eager to be part of our network.

The participation of our volunteers is essential, and they are always invited to attend such events and engage with the team. We asked one of our volunteers, Magdalena Kalbermatten, to share her perspective on this experience.

As a current volunteer at RACI, I had the opportunity to participate in the July 2023 Assembly of Members held at AMIA. There, I personally met the RACI team and several civil society organizations that are members of the network. My role at the assembly was to record the attendance of representatives from different NGOs who attended the meeting. It was my first time attending such a gathering, and I found it to be a great experience that allowed me to get to know a new facet of Argentine society: the world of the third sector and civil society organizations.

During the Assembly of Members, I could appreciate the remarkable transparency that characterizes RACI. From my perspective, the meeting served as an accountability session for RACI’s actions during the semester. It was a pleasure to witness the open dialogue between RACI members and the team, how they shared their concerns about the challenges facing the third sector, and how they aimed to improve NGOs in general. Moreover, I believe it is essential to highlight how much RACI members care about the network’s well-being and continuously seek ways to innovate, improve, and provide the best opportunities to its members. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that RACI has been conducting in-person and virtual visits to its member NGOs to further strengthen and deepen their relationships.

In a nutshell, I consider the Assembly of Members as a space where RACI demonstrated its commitment to and connection with the participating NGOs, as well as its determination to continue working together and cooperating to achieve its objectives.

Thank you very much, RACI, for this opportunity. I hope to continue collaborating with the team.