We are launching our campaign “Diversity Includes Us” with our members!

We present a new joint proposal aimed at promoting inclusion, raising awareness among people, and encouraging reflection on accessibility.

In collaboration with various organizations within RACI, “Señas En Acción” (SEA) has proposed an innovative campaign with the objective of bringing visibility to our work and that of our members, promoting inclusion and awareness throughout society. We believe that achieving a significant impact on the community requires active participation.

Our proposal aims to involve all participating organizations, allowing them to contribute ideas and action plans, making them feel like active and co-creators in the process.

In addition to focusing on accessibility, we recognize the importance of addressing other diversity-related issues, such as the intersection of gender and disability. By broadening our perspective, we seek to generate a deeper and more meaningful impact.

Throughout the campaign’s development, we will be sharing guides and practical tips that our members wish to disseminate. We want these tools to be accessible and useful for all individuals and organizations.

Your organization can also be a part of it! We extend the invitation to all interested NGOs to join this initiative.

Stay tuned to our social media channels, where we will be sharing all the information.