Visit to Cultura de Trabajo by one of our Volunteers

As one of RACI’s monthly visits to member organizations, this month we had the opportunity to visit Cultura de Trabajo, a foundation that specializes in contributing to even the access to work for people who are in unfavorable socioeconomic and housing conditions and who attend night stands, transit homes, community canteens, and other assistance networks, that want and need to work. In this opportunity, we asked one of our volunteers, Christina Fußeder, to tell us her experience.

During the first part of our visit, we were able to participate in the organization’s monthly Admission Interviews. After a brief explanation of what the interviews would consist of, the organization invited us to listen to individuals’ stories of their work experiences, trades, and references of their last jobs. Hearing the stories of some of these people impacted us greatly because they provided very personal insights into their lives. In addition, it caught my attention that the classroom where they conducted the interviews was full of unemployed individuals, in unfavorable socioeconomic and residential conditions.

We then had a meeting with the founders of the organization, who hosted us with a breakfast and explained to us the details of the foundation. They told us their story, how they managed to establish the organization successfully, and explained how and what they are currently working on. Through labor intermediation, pre and post labor insertion support, advice for job interviews and work tools, they work to fulfill their mission and find jobs for people who want and need to work.

I found the whole visit very interesting and exciting, both the practical part and the institutional presentation of the organization. I want to thank RACI for allowing me to participate in the visit to the partner organization as part of the team of volunteers and Cultura de Trabajo for having welcomed us so warmly.

If you would like to know more about Cultura de Trabajo, you can visit their webpage