TIFD: Reducing the inequality produced by the private sector

From RACI, together with Rights Colab, PDI and SCIS, we are co-creating an initiative that seeks to reduce the inequality that is produced from the private sector, providing guidance, goals and metrics for companies and investors to manage their impacts on inequality. 

The Task Force on Inequality-Related Financial Disclosures (TIFD) is involving Civil Society Organizations as well as regulators and investors, in order to assess the performance of the private sector and hold companies accountable.

The TIFD project was born to provide a solution to the dangers that occur in the economy, that is to say, to the “systemic risks” that occur in different types of assets, for example, stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and raw materials. To solve this problem, TIFD sees it as central to engaging end-investors at the top of the “capital markets value chain” – assets owners and distributors- to assess their long-term investment goals and how inequality affects them.   

TIFD understands that private actors -civil society, investors and companies must be part of the search for the reduction of inequalities. Because, its framework is based on three fundamental pillars: 1) a focus not only on business activities related to inequality, but also in the investment structures and practices related to inequality; 2) thresholds and targets on which companies and investors can work to alleviate inequality, and metrics to measure its progress; and, 3) an explicit role for representatives of marginalized and vulnerable people and communities as co-creators. 

If you want to be part of this project that seeks to contribute to the reduction of inequality, together with civil society, investors, companies, academics, regulators and policy makers, we invite you to join