The workshops arrives in Buenos Aires!

On August 31, the RACI team will offer the Workshop “Increasing the impact of Civil Society Organizations: Fostering networking and institutional strengthening”. This will be carried out thanks to the support of Banco Galicia, Estudio Beccar Varela and Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The main objective of the workshop will be to strengthen the Civil Society Organizations of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires so that they can access various resource search strategies and main sources available to Organizations, as well as develop and optimize the resources of their own CSO based on the importance of strengthening the Institutional Development Area.

During the day, there will also be a Legal Training for Organizations that will seek to address issues of Labor Law, FIU, Intellectual Property and personal data from a useful perspective for organizations. This training will be run by the Thomson Reuters-TrustLaw Foundation and the Estudio Beccar Varela.

The workshop will take place at the Estudio Beccar Varela, Auditorio, 2nd floor, located in Tucumán 1, Buenos Aires.

If you want to participate, sign up here.

We look forward to meet you!