Raci joined LALCEC at its second Multidisciplinary Cancer Forum

Within the framework of the Second Multidisciplinary Forum on Cancer organized by LALCEC, Guillermo Correa, Executive Director of RACI, integrated one of the panels that took place in La Rural, last Tuesday, August 15.

The Board of Directors of the Argentine League for the Fight Against Cancer (LALCEC) has organized since last year the Multidisciplinary Forum on Cancer, which seeks to involve all the actors of society in the fight against the disease, raising awareness about the importance of prevention in all spaces.

The event was held in two days (August 15 and 16) and was attended by more than 100 speakers, where representatives of the public sector, journalists, Civil Society Organizations, among others, built a space for debate and exchange of experiences about the reality of cancer patients in Argentina.

The Executive Director of RACI integrated the panel “Argentina and 3D cancer: The position of the State, NGOs and private against the disease. Access to health. Plans and alternatives. Theory vs reality”, where representatives of the public, private and social sectors presented their positions on topics of fundamental importance in the Argentine health ecosystem: ACCESS, LABOR and LEGISLATION and cancer.

Regarding his experience working in Civil Society, Guillermo Correa mentioned the actual importance of generating an articulated work between the three sectors that generates an integral approach of containment and accompaniment, which will result in a greater impact in the future.

The panel was coordinated by María Belén Aramburu, a television host. There was also an introductory interview with the former national president, Fernando de la Rúa, survivor of the disease.

To know more about the II Multidisciplinary Forum on Cancer, log on to or its Facebook profile: /LALCECARGENTINA. There you will find videos, photos and more information about the presentations that took place during the two days of the meeting.


The Argentine League of Fight against Cancer is a civil society organization whose purpose is to overcome cancer, working day by day to rescue thousands of lives through education, early detection and prevention of 6 types of cancers, which, so far, are “preventable:” breast, gynecological, colon, skin, lung and urological.