The Argentina National Review 2018 was presented

On June 13th 2018 the Argentina Sustainable Development Goals National Review 2018 was presented. This report is the result of the articulated work between the different agencies of national government that have direct responsibility with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG); process in which participate, since 2016, twenty five agencies of the Executive National Power.

On the face of the proximity of the High Level Political Forum 2018, the review emphasizes on the selected objectives by United Nations to be addressed in it. This are: SDG 6; Clean Water and sanitation; SDG 7, Affordable Energy and non-contaminant; SDG 11, Cities and sustainable communities; SDG 12, Production and Responsible consumption; SDG 15, Terrestrial Ecosystems life and SDG 17, alliances to achieve the objectives.

The content of the report can be assessed in the database showed for the preparation process of the first National Review of the SDG; the macroeconomic national context and an analysis of the development and evolution of the SDG mentioned above.

From this information, the Argentina National Review 2018 highlights the advances of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on the part of the National Inter Institutional Commission of Implementation and Following of the SDG. In this occasion the vector focuses on the executed cost as is considered that the budget is a way of transversal implementation of the objectives. As consequence, the report measures the development of the expenses of the month of May 2018, with a view to the achievement of the objectives in 2030.

Overall, the results of the expense executed are mixed, with growth in two of the six objectives, Terrestrial Ecosystem Life and Alliances to achieve the objectives, and with no information in Production and Responsible Consumption. On the other hand also it reflects a diversification in the financial source.

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