Another year with the Kettering Foundation

During the first week of July the course on Deliberative Democracy provided by the Kettering Foundation was held in Dayton, Ohio. RACI participated in the meeting with representatives in both the Deliberative Democratic Exchange segment number one and number two.

This year, the network presented the case of the C20´s co-coordination in Argentina that was carrying out from the end of last year to the present. The deliberation among the different working groups and the joint participation of different actors served as an example to explain the application of the learned methodology during the Foundation.

With the initiative to reinforce the concepts learned in that week, a previous training was carried out in a virtual way as a deliberative forum, where the participants of the first year could exchange ideas, discuss the situations of their own countries and compare the stories with the rest of the participants. In this way, it was pointed out that the participants came to a more complete idea of the meeting and were more prepared for the deliberation of the work week in Dayton.

Continuing in a similar vein, in the last two days it was created different discussion tables among the participants of the first year, those of the second and the coordinators, around the stages of the deliberation process, to understand each of them in greater depth. This practice served to close the learning cycle during the two years and to engage even more the participants of the first year in order to generate enriching deliberative experiences for their communities.

The exchange space included professionals from the public, private and the third sector, academics and journalists; generating a wide range of diverse experiences but complementary to each other.

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