Talking about the market’s role on solving the Inequality problem

RACI, next to Right CoLab, Predistribution Initiative and Southern Centre for Inequality Studies, organized a webinar that aimed to debate the private sector’s role on reducing the inequality gap.

In this occasion we were accompanied by the panelists Paula Cardenau, Arbusta’s co-funder; Constanza Gorleri, Banco Galicia’s sustainability manager; Alicia Montoya, climate change advocate and member of El Álamo; Contanza Conolly, co-founder of Keidos Impacto Legal; and Paul Rissman, from Rights Colab. 

During the event, Paula Cardenau stated the fundamental role the private sector has when it comes to generating job opportunities for young people who are in economically vulnerable contexts. On the other hand, in representation of the private sector, Constanza Gorleri explained the importance of businesses from the financial sector on contributing to the local development of a sustainable economy that is able to include the whole chain value. In addition, Constanza Connolly added to the agenda the crucial role of private businesses on generating strategies that allow the articulation of the three sectors, while strengthening the Civil Society. Contributing to the debate, Alicia Montonya gave us her insight on how social investments from private businesses can lead to important changes. However, she stated that it is fundamental for the state to  intervene, making sure that those strategies become policies which contribute to the fight against inequality. 

Lastely, Paul Rissman mentioned that the Task Force on Inequality-related Financial Disclosures (TIFD), is looking to reduce inequalities on Civil Society Organizations by facilitating and providing investors with enough information about possible risks.

From RACI, we would like to thank everyone that participated on the webinar. We will continue to host events that allow us to discuss possible strategies on combating inequality, while hearing different voices with either local, regional, or international perspectives.