Strengthening International Networks: We were present in London and Ecuador

Charities Aid Foundation – United Kingdom

Since 2021, RACI has been strengthening its partnerships with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), becoming allies with the foundation’s U.S. branch to channel donations to Argentine organizations. In this way, members of our network can receive foreign donations through this channel.

On this occasion, we are expanding our alliance with CAF UK. From June 5th to 8th, Mariana Agnolin, Director of Programs at RACI, participated in the Leadership Conference organized with the aim of introducing new civil society organizations from different regions to the work of the Foundation and joining CAF UK’s network.

During the various sessions, led by CAF UK President Neil Heslop OBE and Derek Ray-Hill, Director of International Strategy, and co-hosted by Jessie Kraft, Senior Vice President of External Affairs at CAF America, plenaries and workshops were conducted, addressing topics of global concern to civil society such as New Localization Strategies, Relief, Resilience, Disaster Recovery, and Advocacy Campaigns.

Additionally, together with CAF UK, a meeting was held with the Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom and the Cultural Attaché to promote the work of our members among potential donors in the UK.

More information about CAF UK can be found here.

International Republican Institute – Ecuador

RACI was present at the Regional Workshop on Technology and Democracy in Latin America on June 13th and 14th in Quito, Ecuador.

This event was organized by the International Republican Institute (IRI) with the aim of promoting democratic governance through responsible and effective use of technology.

In this context, our Projects Coordinator, Antonella Erben, represented RACI, enriching the discussions and sharing knowledge with numerous institutions from Latin America. The participation included both civil society organizations and specialized government entities in this field.

During the workshop, various topics related to technology and its impact on democracy were addressed, exploring innovative strategies to strengthen citizen participation, transparency, and accountability in the region. Additionally, experiences and best practices were shared, creating a conducive space for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of future collaborations.