Regional Dialogues Cycle 2023

Perspectives and narratives: the challenges of Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean

This month we start a new cycle of multi-stakeholder dialogues, with the objective of generating a space for dialogue between relevant actors, to reflect on the concepts of innovation, social impact and collaboration, in order to share good practices from different sectors, to generate synergies and strengthen the work of organizations.

The purpose of the dialogues is to encourage genuine and open communication on issues relevant to the strengthening of democracies in the region and the articulations between key actors and members of the network.

Within the context of the project, it is proposed to work in different spaces for dialogue that will be developed in a spiral manner, with the successive integration of the different actors to broader instances of conversation according to the moments of the process for the design of the Multi-stakeholder Workshop.

The series will consist of four dialogues to be held between February 2023 and April 2024:

  • Democracies in Latin America and the Caribbean Today. Structures. Division of powers, government and state, public policies. The common good “Who builds it?” February 28, 2023. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (GMT -3).
  • Democracies in Latin America and the Caribbean today. Representativeness. Social participation. Freedoms. Political parties. Roles. June 2023.
  • Democracy and Rights. Human Rights. Environmental Rights. November 2023.
  • Democracy and Civil Society Networking. Roles. Visibility. April 2024.

The dialogues will be held virtually through Zoom and will be in Spanish. You can register through the following form.

Watch out for updates!