RACI’s year-end campaign ends: #ArticularParaFortalecer

During the last month RACI carried out the #ArticularParaFortalecer campaign with the aim of reviewing all the monumental work that Civil Society has done this year, understanding how important the articulation and culture of networking has been for this.

In this way, with the contributions from more than 15 member organizations, content was created and shared on RACI’s social networks to make the work of CSOs visible and promote the importance of joint work. The content consisted of short videos submitted by members of the network, who commented on the challenges that occurred this year and how networking helped overcome them.

All the members who participated agreed that networking was essential to face this challenging year because it allowed sharing spaces for reflection, training and containment, while collaborative work allowed them to reinvent themselves in times of crisis, which put in evidences the need to work together with other organizations. In addition, being part of a network like RACI was also vital to give importance to CSOs in the dialogue table with the State, as well as to reach places that perhaps working individually would not be possible. In conclusion, the most important thing was the fundamental role played by the coordinated work between the organizations to face the challenges of the pandemic context and continue influencing society.

To see the campaign videos, I followed the hashtag #ArticularParaFortalecer on social media, and RACI on Instagram and Facebook.