DIGNA launched a new app seeking for greater inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Group for Networking and Action (DIGNA) took a fundamental step towards greater diversity and inclusion within civil society organizations. With the launch of a self-assessment tool on diversity and inclusion, civil society organizations can access new and innovative solutions to inclusion and diversity problems.

The digital platform operates through a self-assessment that civil society organizations can make in seven divergent categories, in which they will be presented with statements that may or may not reflect the situation of the social organization. Once self-assessment is complete, the platform provides information that helps determine the status of diversity and inclusion standards and practices in the workplace.

This new and innovative development pursues the fundamental goal that civil society organizations embark on a path towards greater inclusivity, diversity and sensitivity to the needs, identities and backgrounds of their members. Self-assessment and subsequent reflection on themselves are the first steps in understanding the situation and promoting practices that encourage a fairer and more equitable work environment.

This breakthrough represents a tool of countless importance that can help civil society organizations become inspiring models and champions of diversity, helping to build a better, more cooperative, socially fairer and kinder world.

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