RACI traveled to Japan as International Coordinator of the Local2Global group

During the process of the G20, hosted in Japan, RACI had the pleasure of being invited by the Civil Affinity Group 20 to lead, once again, the workgroup Local2Global.

To carry out her participation, Juliana Catania, RACI´s deputy director, traveled to Japan where she exercised the international coordination of the group and also focused in the conversations that were takin place in the online forum available for all the organization, so the ones that wanted to participate could do it without any geographical barriers

The main objective of this groupwork is: generate more knowledge and participation of the CSO of all over the world in the mechanism of participation and defense of the G20; democratize the access to this type of key spaces in the public policies and strengthen the CSO of the world in order to achieve a continuous and meaningful participation in all the future meeting of G20.

Among the main topics discussed we find:

  • Establishing the right to free expression and association of citizens and CSO in national and world politics.
  • The importance of enabling and defending a free space for the civic participation and action.
  • State of the proper environment for the participation of the CSO in the world.
  • Participation of the local and regional CSO on global topics.
  • Relevance of the CSO to achieve the SDG.

Some of RACI´s members also participated of the event, such as “Fundación Huesped”, represented by Kurt Frieder, who officiated as International Coordinator of the Health group, and “Fundación SES”, represented by Marcela Browne, who officiated as International Coordinator of the Education group.

With the objective of stablishing the foundations of what will be de C20 summit on April 21, 22 and 23, every participant of the meeting in Japan had the possibility to witness the “Face to Face” meeting, where it were discussed some key topics, like the preparation of the policy papers, and where participants also had the possibility to stablish conversations with G20 representatives about anticorruption, development, digital economy, environment and energy, work, finance, health, commerce and infrastructure.

The C20 Summit will be performed in Tokyo, Japan. For more information visit: