“Planning of Transformative Scenarios” AGNA capacitation in South Africa

As a member of AGNA, RACI was invited to participate of the activity “Planning of Transformative Scenarios”, which took place in South Africa between February 24th and March 3rd. AGNA is the Affinity Group of National Associations which take place within the framework of CIVICUS, the global alliance of organization and activist whose main objective is strengthen the networks of the world civil society.

Through the work days, RACI was able to participate in an activity of planning that implied thinking about the future of the organizations in a strategic and participative way. The main objective of this activity was the collective work, which means to evaluate and project the future in a joint way. That is why this innovative strategy of planning can be used for the projection of a diversity of scenarios, from the future of the society in general, to the future of an organization in particular.

A matter of key importance for our network is that RACI was the network chosen as model to apply this methodology and analyze the future projection during the whole training week. This means that African, Asian and Middle East leaders worked over a strategic planning for RACI. This is an element of crucial importance for the network, because it gave us the opinion of experts from other parts of the world about the process applied and suggestions that we can incorporate. The final results obtained at the end of this process will become inputs that will be analyzed for RACI´s Strategy Planning for 2025.

From RACI, we believe that the future is built collectively. That is why everything learnt in South Africa gave us the framework of the planning process that is initiating the network. In that sense, it should be noted that part of the methodology learnt was used during the Local and International Assessor Council and will be applied to future meetings with other actors.