RACI Trainings: International Cooperation and Networking

Within the framework of the commemoration for its 20th anniversary, the León Foundation prepared a series of activities in different parts of the city of Tucumán in the month of March, where new projects and programs were presented to continue promoting inclusion and equality.

Within the framework of these activities, on March 9, a face-to-face training was carried out by RACI on International Cooperation and networking for civil society organizations, where more than 130 formal and informal organizations from all over the province participated. from Tucuman. Through various presentations, topics were addressed to strengthen management and leadership in organizations.

The Conference, held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sheraton Hotel, was attended by representatives of the public and private sectors, organizations, as well as academics and experts on the subject.

This event was held together with the Government of Tucumán, and the Secretary of State for Liaison with Civil Society Organizations, Gastón Bourlé; the Secretary for International Relations, Mariano Fernández; the director of the León Foundation, Diego Aguilar and María Laura Caniggia, president of the León Foundation; the deputies Mario Leito and Carlos Cisneros; the president of the Ente Tucumán Turismo, Sebastián Giobellina; the deputy controller of the Caja Popular, Hugo Ledesma; the legislator Eduardo Bourlé; Councilor Gonzalo Carrillo and Mariam Gallardo.

The activities began with the registration and welcome of the participants, in charge of the Government of Tucumán and Fundación León, before giving way to the presentation of the training: “How to access International Cooperation: Development of projects and sources of financing”.

It was divided into 6 parts:

  • 1st part: Institutional Presentation of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI).
  • 2nd part: Importance of the Institutional Development Area.
  • 3rd part: Alliances and networking.
  • 4th part: Introduction to International Cooperation. Resource search strategies: International Cooperation Directory.
  • 5th part: Development of Projects. Characteristics of a project. Goals. Activities. Budget.
  • 6th part: Practical application exercise – Formulating the proposal. Presentation of the practical case of Fundación León: experience (in charge of Fundación León).