Our networking: Two experiences of global articulation

Inter-regional meeting of Innovation for Change in Thailand

Innovation for Change (I4C) is a global network that emerged more than five years ago with the goal of connecting, partnering, and learning together to defend and strengthen civic space and overcome restrictions on our fundamental freedoms of assembly, association, and expression.

As the years have progressed, this initiative has left behind an initial period of incubation, growing and strengthening a system of governance of its own from the Global South. The inter-regional meeting, held over four days in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 11-14, 2023, was attended by representatives from the seven regional centers around the world. The objective of this was to finalize this institutional strengthening process and co-create new sustainability strategies within the Network.

Getting to know community foundations in Mexico

The RACI team was present in Mexico during the week of February 5-11, on a trip organized by the Mott Foundation to learn about the model of community foundations in the country.

The main purpose of the visit was to be able to meet the founders in person, as well as to understand the importance of community foundations in each territory, the challenges and successes they face. The ultimate purpose of the call had to do with being a source of inspiration to promote, implement and develop the model of community foundations in the Latin American region, especially in the different territories of Argentina.

During the stay, part of our team had the opportunity to meet the Monterrey Community Foundation (Comunidar), the Chihuahense AC Business Foundation (FECHAC), the Guadalajara Foundation Corporation and the Merced de Querétaro Foundation. Likewise, we had the opportunity to learn about Comunalia’s responsibilities as the Support Organization that supports and represents the Community Foundations of Mexico.

In addition, we participated in the annual Connecting Communities in the Americas (CCA) meeting, where we were able to talk with different leaders of community foundations and philanthropic organizations to deepen and share strategies on various issues of concern within the region.

Some of the local foundations that were present were:

  • Support Movement for Abandoned Minors (MAMA, A.C.) that works through a comprehensive care model that seeks to restore the rights of minors living on the streets and minors who work on the street or who are the children of people who work on the street. The main focus of the organization is on their access to food, their emotional and physical health, and their education. The foundation contributes to the restoration of these rights through non-formal education programs that aim to increase their self-awareness and empower them, so that they can adopt new decision-making models and visualize a long-term life project.

You can learn more about his work at the following link.

  • FM4 Paso Libre is dedicated to defending and promoting the human rights of migrants and refugees, comprehensive humanitarian care, political advocacy, and research. It offers its services through its Center for Attention to Migrants and Refugees, where they offer services such as: personal hygiene, clothing, food, telephone service, medical and psychological care, and legal support, among others.

You can learn more about his work at the following link.

  • Colmena Miramar is part of a network of community centers located in Zapopan, Jalisco. Its main objective is to serve as a safe and inclusive space where learning communities are generated through workshops, training, consultancies and other events. In addition, their purpose is to develop tools and share knowledge that promote integral development, strengthen the local community, regenerate the social fabric and contribute to the generation of community projects.

You can learn more about his work at the following link.