RACI presented its workshop at CABA

Civil Society Organizations interested in learning about different institutional strengthening mechanisms and the creation of links with strategic actors gathered in the Beccar Varela Study Auditorium in occasion of the 7th RACI workshop of the year.

Thanks to the support of Banco Galicia and in partnership with Thompson Reuters and the Beccar Varela Study, the Argentinean Network for International Cooperation held a meeting in Buenos Aires with organizations that work on different topics to offer them the training course “Increasing the impact of Civil Society Organizations: Fostering networking and institutional strengthening.”

For six hours, the RACI team trained the organizations on the importance of strengthening the links between the areas of the institution, focusing especially in the area of Institutional Development: their responsibilities, commitments and continuous interaction with all team members.

Among the contents, the workshop offered new resource search strategies, access to key strategic actors to generate institutional alliances, and relevant information sources where organizations can map opportunities for sustainable alliances according to the activity they carry out.

Thanks to the help of RACI’s partners, the training counted with a Legal Clinic that dealt with issues of Labor Law, the UIF, Intellectual Property, and personal data from a useful perspective for organizations. This clinic was run by the Thompson Reuters Foundation in the context of its TrustLaw project, and by the Beccar Varela Study.

If you couldn’t attend this workshop, follow us on social networks and our website! There you will find the next dates of all the trainings.