PASCA project

Thanks to the invitation of Fundación Directorio Legislativo, RACI participated in the third debate within the Civil Society Participation Project at the Summit of the Americas.

The PASCA Project emerged from the Summit of the Americas in 2015, where Civil Society proposed “to create, without limitation of participation and with guarantee of inclusion of all people, the Inter-American Permanent Forum of Civil Society and social actors, so that there is a continuous process of consultations, recommendations and proposals, as well as the follow-up to compliance with the agreements.”

In this context, Fundación Directorio Legislativo, as the focal point of this project, set out to hold a series of four events in which the Summit commitments were debated and different approaches were proposed by the institutions themselves.

In order to ensure the greatest possible participation and diversity, on Thursday, September 7, the third meeting was held in Rosario, Santa Fe, where the following four commitments were addressed: Democratic Governance (good governance, civil registry and anti-corruption); Citizen participation (Equity and social inclusion, citizen participation and cultural heritage); Solidary Hemispheric Cooperation (Financing of Human Development) and Enabling Environment (freedom of association, peaceful assembly and expression). The four commitments are common to all countries within the framework of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The event was attended by actors from the private, public, academic and third sectors, which made the necessary contributions that will be part of the report to be presented at the next Summit, in Lima, 2018.

Fundación Directorio Legislativo, Nueva Generación and RACI were the organizations in charge of opening the panel that resulted in a debate full of proposals and opportunities of work in partnership.

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