Our members: Mocha Celis

The last member visit we made this year was with the team of Mocha Celis, an organization that through actions and programs seeks to comprehensively guarantee all the rights of trans, transvestite and non-binary people, promoting a dignified and fulfilling life.

Lautaro González, Mocha Celis’ Institutional Relations Assistant, showed us each room of a building that is synonymous with support and containment for the community and introduced us to the fundamental programs that define the spirit of the organization: the Bachillerato Popular Travesti-Trans, a proposal that promotes the integration of TTNB people in formal education, and #TEJESOLIDARIO, an initiative of material support and comprehensive accompaniment in the completion of procedures and subsidies that seeks to prevent evictions and facilitate access to health.

But the work of Mocha Celis does not end there; the organization is also committed to the insertion of the community into the labor market, conducting workshops and/or training sessions to help the TTNB population access their first job, as well as acting as a liaison between companies and beneficiaries during the selection process. 

During our tour, Francisco Quiñones Cuartas, president of Mocha Celis, also showed us other spaces that are important to the organization’s comprehensive approach: from the clinic, where health professionals provide care, to the Lohana Berkins Library, where beneficiaries have access to a wide range of literature and resources on sexual diversity, to the production room, where textile workshops are held.

At the end of our meeting we exchanged views on the current situation and future projects. 

Thank you for having us! Don’t forget to visit their social networks.