International Civic Forum 2023

RACI had an outstanding participation in the International Civic Forum 2023, organized by the International Civil Society Centre held in Brussels, Belgium, on November 29-30. The main objective of this event was to explore sectoral areas of action and identify possible ways at both the individual and organizational level to strengthen the anticipatory capacity of civil society organizations.

The fundamental purpose was to improve the process, thus inspiring new ways of thinking and acting within Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). In addition, the groundwork was laid for the implementation phase of the ‘Anticipating the Future of Civil Society’ initiative, an operational space dedicated to developing a solid methodology that can be replicated and widely adopted, thus strengthening the civil society sector.

The event yielded extremely positive results, providing knowledge that will be applied in RACI’s Strategic Planning 2025-2030. In addition, bilateral meetings were held with representatives of European Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and staff members of European Union (EU) agencies.