Our members: Mensajeros de la Paz and alliances to multiply impact

During 2021, Mensajeros de la Paz accompanied Mastellone Hnos S.A in the development and launch of its Corporate Volunteer Program. In six month the alliance managed to implement the plan, recruit volunteers and establish a strategy that would enhance the impact on the community of one of the leading companies in Argentina.

Until 2020, Mastellone had carried out random volunteer actions, but did not have a formalized corporate volunteering. Motivated to add value to their teams and the community, Mensajeros de la Paz was called in to provide advice. Work was carried out throughout the volunteer start-up process and a strategy was established in tune with company policy. In this way, instances of presentation to the Board of Directors and Management were carried out, in order to involve human capital at all levels, in addition to a review of previous initiatives to identify the potentialities of the program. In the second phase of the project, face-to-face and virtual training was carried out, where resources were provided to articulate with the communities and project the first volunteer actions within the Program.

Thanks to this initiative, more than 40 company employees decided to join the Program and expressed their interest in doing so on a regular basis and outside of working hours. During 2022, the Program foresees the development of at least 4 volunteer actions in synergy with existing Programs and with a greater impact on the community of General Rodríguez.


“The Mastellone & Mensajeros de la Paz alliance makes visible once again the importance of executing volunteering and social responsibility actions between civil society organizations and companies, with a strong perspective on the interest and knowledge of the community to provide value and ensure a real shock.” mentions Darío Pompilio, executive director of Messengers of Peace Argentina.

The Asociación Civil Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina has more than 15 years of experience in corporate alliances, as well as in the planning and execution of volunteering at a national and international level.

In a context in which the importance of human capital and cooperation is increasingly highlighted, at Mensajeros de la Paz we promote initiatives together with companies to continue empowering and promoting resources that allow growth in the most vulnerable communities.

About Messengers of Peace Argentina:

Messengers of Peace is an international humanitarian organization with a presence in more than 50 countries around the world since 1962.

Since 2002, it has been working in Argentina for the promotion, protection and restitution of the rights of children and the elderly in situations of social vulnerability. Our commitment to the most vulnerable communities extends to the entire life cycle: from childhood to old age.






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