Our members: HOLA América and INICIA present their initiative Programa de Fortalecimiento para Emprendedores Migrantes en Argentina

INICIA, Comunidad de Emprendedores and HOLA América present their initiative Programa de fortalecimiento para emprendedores migrantes en Argentina.

Hola América is an initiative held by Ashoka and 2811 from Chile and Argentina was inspired by Hello Europe, an European project approved by over 15 countries all over the world. Its main purpose is to strengthen social innovation focused on migration, helping provide new and better solutions to the challenges that these communities face. It aims to support migrant entrepreneurs and migrants through their social projects.

INICIA is an entrepreneur community whose main objective is to promote responsible businesses. It encloses quality development projects for different stages of a business, and supports sustainable enterprises. They encourage entrepreneurial values such as effort, creativity and resources that are essential to the development of the country.

In this case, both programs invite migrant entrepreneurs in Argentina to participate in their federal strengthening project.

It is a free project that provides 12 training courses, that are given by icons on business and entrepreneurial experience, aiming to provide information on management and growth for new businesses.

The topics covered by the program are related to being an entrepreneur, its purpose, identification and validation of entrepreneurial opportunities, business models, effective communication, sales and marketing, e-commerces, legal aspects, sustainable business, costs and finances.

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to address their projects in a broad and integral manner, having access to 108 hours of online training, coming in contact with other entrepreneurs, to receive personal assessments next to other volunteers of the community, thinking of short and medium term plans of action that will be presented to an advisory board formed by entrepreneurs and professors.

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