Our Members: Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina presents #NosQuedamosEnCasa

Vida Silvestre launched the platform #NosQuedamosenCasa, with free content and activities meant to help staying in touch with nature, without needing to leave your house to do so.

The platform includes options for all ages, activities for kids, documentaries, suggestions to get to know the nature that surrounds our homes, reading resources, and 12 webinars on various topics.

The objective is to make available various resources in order to help us keep getting to know and learn about environmental issues, in a context that challenges us to find new ways of connecting with nature. By entering you can explore all of these possibilities grouped by theme, and chose the ones that appeal to you the most.

For kids, you will find environmental education activities designed for various school levels; a coloring book to learn a whole lot on the animals that live in the forests of the Gran Chaco; a paper jaguar craft created with the help of the Guardabosques design studio with the aim of sparking creativity, and an invitation to participate to the short film contest “A cuidar nuestro mundo”, organised as part of The Puerto Madryn International Film Festival (MAFICI), which encourages kids from 6 to 18 years old to make short videos on environmental topics.

In the documentary section, you can watch the film “Jaguar, Its Last Frontier” narrated by Ricardo Darín and directed by Jumará Films, which seeks to explain the problems that the big cat of the Americas faces in Argentina. Another film that you can watch on the platform is “Chaco Gualamba, The Last Chance”, a documentary by Marcelo Viñas produced by Timbó Films and Vida Silvestre on the issue of deforestation in Argentina’s Gran Chaco and its environmental, social and economic consequences. Moreover, you will find a link to watch “Our Planet”, the nature documentary series by Netflix and WWF produced by Silverback Films. The eight episodes are now available for free on YouTube, with Spanish subtitles which allows you to enjoy the narration by Sir David Attenborough.

In order to show that you can also enjoy nature from home, the section “Nature from home” invites you to to start using ArgentINat and to join the project for listing the biodiversity that surrounds you, from your balcony, your patio or your terrace. You can also rewatch Vida Silvestre’s webinars on environmental topics and stay tuned for the next ones to watch them live. Last but not least, the platform invites you to discover the reserves owned by Vida Silverstre: Uruguaí in the Misiones Province and San Pablo de Valdés in the Valdés Peninsula.

The platform also includes a section for special content focused on the relation between nature and the people, where you will find an opinion column by Manuel Jaramillo, Director General of Vida Silvestre, in which he shares his thoughts on the world after the pandemic; a report of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) analyzing the link between nature and pandemics, and the Earth Hour 2020 special edition, which went digital for the first time in its history, including Loli Molina’s exclusive recital.

By launching this platform, Vida Silvestre’s hope is to open a window of digital opportunities in the context of national quarantine, in order to stimulate our curiosity and to allow us to learn more about the one home that we have.

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