Mapping Civil Society Innovations

Rights CoLab has re-launched its online database of innovative civil society efforts dedicated to promoting human rights. Together with other Civil Society Organizations, RACI has joined as a partner to this initiative that seeks to offer a collaborative space to share insights, inform through example, make an impact, and foster strength in the midst of such a difficult time.  

This is designed to be a portal of information to support civil society innovation. It works by providing geo-located case studies, which viewers can read about and will hopefully spark new innovation in other organizations. Additionally, the map was recently re-designed and expanded to cover recent examples of responses to COVID-19. These include a number of efforts around the globe, such as combating misinformation and offering creative solutions for food insecurity and health-related issues. 

Each of the project partners is actively working to support these civil society initiatives that provide new and innovative ways to contribute to the advancement of human rights, democratization, civic participation, and sustainable development. With increasing governmental restrictions on CSOs, it is now more important than ever that these institutions work together to create change. 

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