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Sociedad Civil en Red launched the #MejoresReglasParaLasOrganizacionesSociales campaign, which seeks that social entities such as clubs, community kitchens and cultural centers, among others, can have an adequate legal, fiscal and labor framework.

Social organizations have always been a key actor in coping with times of crisis. However, they are subject to bureaucracies that hold them back, regulations that ignore them, taxes that weaken them, and regulations that complicate them, and the State does not improve these regulatory rules. The campaign seeks to eliminate these obstacles and difficulties to achieve the regulations that organizations need to empower themselves and facilitate the task of bringing quality of life to all of society.

The objective of the #MejoresReglasParaLasOrganizacionesSociales campaign is to recognize the need for different fiscal and labor frameworks and to achieve this change. Faced with this, it proposes the need to give space to a frank dialogue between Civil Society and the State, holding four public hearings on the following thematic axes: (1) Normative regulation of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and freedom of association; (2) Social and labor relations within CSOs; (3) CSOs in the tax policy of the State; (4) CSOs in the design and execution of public policies.

Finally, the campaign seeks to publish and disseminate the interventions in public hearings, to consolidate itself as a permanent space for advocacy in the legal and fiscal framework of Civil Society Organizations.

The campaign has already been signed by 1,050 individuals and 411 organizations. Add your signature at