#LiftUpPhilantropy, a campaign to unleash the potential of philanthropy

A new call to civil society seeks to encourage social impact. Find out what you can do to help.

The participation of Civil Society has never been greater. In a world where social needs are in constant growth, the participation of more actors implies an enormous opportunity. However, for these opportunities to materialize, it is critical to support philanthropic organizations, publicize their role and distribute aid where it is most needed.

#LiftUpPhilantropy is an open and global campaign that promotes the strategic importance and value of philanthropy development.  In order to do so, it seeks to raise awareness among funders of the importance of investing in the ecosystem and infrastructure as a means of fostering quality, growth and diversity in philanthropy.

Among its main objective, it seeks:

  • Raise awareness about the positive impact of philanthropy in any form.
  • To give rise to collective discussions on philanthropy and its potential for development in society.
  • Increase financial and human support for the increase of private philanthropy and civil society in general.

Through the guidance generated by #LiftUpPhilantropy, funders can better understand how to help unlock the potential of philanthropy and multiply its collective impact to build more sustainable and democratic societies. Some concrete things to help are:

  • Contact philanthropic organizations and encourage them to consider this issue in their agendas.
  • Discuss the importance of spreading philanthropy among colleagues and at conferences.
  • Share experiences on social networks using the hashtag #LiftUpPhilanthropy

Philanthropy promotes selfless help to others and #LiftUpPhilanthropy is just another way to keep adding solidarity projects.