Come close to Cruzada Argentina!

Cruzada Argentina Foundation has been working with RACI since 2011 and this month we want you to meet them. That is why we interviewed its executive director, Daniela Limongelli, to tell us about the work of Cruzada Argentina and her experience as a RACI partner. 

Daniela greatly values being a member of the network. An example of this is the reason why they joined RACI: “we believe that it is a space for strengthening civil society organizations in Argentina, for linking up with other organizations and international organism, for building networks and possibilities for accessing knowledge and information on opportunities and calls for cooperation”.

On this occasion, Daniela added that, in addition to the news, calls and research on international cooperation and other topics of interest to the foundation, “we also value the diffusion and the access to training opportunities, the link with other national and international organization and bodies”.

Cruzada Argentina Foundation is an organization that for more than 15 years has accompanied and worked with young people and communities from the north of our country. They promote the development of young people, strengthening their training in skills and attitudes necessary for work. They currently have programs in the provinces of Chaco and Corrientes.

Its mission is embodied in two programs:

Secondary School Strengthening Program, in which they work with students and teachers from rural secondary schools in the north of the country to improve the capacity of young people to enter the world of work in the future. The aim is to strengthen human resources, train young people, improve school infrastructure and didactic-productive spaces and enrich the school’s links with its community.

Training and Work Program in partnership with Forge Foundation launched this program in 2016. At the moment, they have training centers in Resistencia and Corrientes. The aim of the program is to facilitate the quality employment of young people through an innovative system of training and employment. Training for work, through the development of habits, personal attitudes and technical skills in young people, and they collaborate in quality employment in their first job. Through the program, they gratuitously accompany them, in the complex transition between high school and the world of work.

Daniela said that for Cruzada Argentina “it is very significant to be members of RACI, because they provide a space for construction, articulation, strengthening, knowledge and opportunities for argentine civil society organizations. Moreover, they have a great work team, always ready to collaborate!”

We are very grateful to Daniela for her time and invite you to learn more about the great work that the Foundation does.