Latin America and the Caribbean continues innovating!

Innovation for Change (I4C), along with Tides Center, launched at the beginning of this year the Innovation Fund for Civil Society Organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean that work to strengthen civil society through innovation.

The call was open for a month, and during that time 154 proposals were received in total, doubling the applications from the 2017 edition. In RACI, we are very pleased because this number implies great interest among organizations in finding innovative and creative solutions to issues regarding sustainability, transparency and responsibility, and enabling spaces promotion.

The 154 proposals come from 21 countries: 62 from Argentina; 2 from Bolivia; 1 from Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles); 3 from Brasil; 18 from Colombia; 1 from Costa Rica; 5 from República Dominicana; 3 from Ecuador; 3 from El Salvador; 2 from Guatemala; 1 from Guyana; 3 from Haití; 24 from Mexico; 2 from Nicaragua; 3 from Paraguay; 5 from Perú; 1 from St. Kitts & Nevis; 7 from Uruguay; 1 from the US; 1 from the UK; and, 6 from Venezuela.

Regarding the core themes of the proposals, 39 of them focus on Enabling Space’s promotion; 61 on Sustainability; 22 on Transparency and Responsibility. Several proposals referred to more than one theme: 13 on Enabling Spaces promotion and Sustainability; 4 on Enabling Spaces promotion, Transparency and Responsibility; 3 on Sustainability and, Transparency and Responsibility; 12 on Enabling Spaces promotion, Sustainability, and Transparency and Responsibility.

RACI’s team finished evaluating the proposals and is in the process of interviewing the pre-selected applicants.

A total of 5 (five) organizations will be selected, which will receive USD 10.000 for the execution of their projects within 4 months. We are hoping to communicate the finalists during the month of July, through our website. We want to thank all the organizations who showed interest in the call and presented proposals on this fund’s new edition.