CIVICUS launched a new report on the State of Civil Society 2021

CIVICUS published its Report on the State of Civil Society 2021. This report is published annually and aims to examine the main events that involve and affect Civil Society worldwide. To elaborate, various interviews are carried out with specialists, leaders, and participants from the third sector. Additionally, CIVICUS’s ongoing research, analysis program, and findings from the CIVICUS Monitor online platform are used as inputs to track the enabling space of Civil Society around the world.  

One of the highlights of this year’s report is that it identifies five key areas of action for Civil Society during 2020. These are recognized as the global fight for racial justice; the challenge of exclusion and the conquest of rights; demands for economic and environmental justice; democracy in times of pandemic; and Civil Society in the international arena. In each area, it is identified how pre-existing trends have intensified during the pandemic, deepening inequalities and the vulnerability of minorities and excluded groups. The report reaffirms in this context the importance of Civil Society as an agent of change and resistance to the structural injustices of globalized neoliberalism, especially in an unprecedented situation that has allowed states to increase their coercive power.

Likewise, the particularity of the 2021 Report is that being its tenth edition, the long-term trends that have affected Civil Society over the last decade are reviewed. The main finding of this analysis is that the fight continues, and it is more necessary than ever. Hope for the future lies in the resistance of Civil Society and cooperation between states.

The report also includes a month-by-month review of the main events that affected Civil Society in the different states of the world.

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