Join Visible Diversity: an exercise of collective reflection on how we are as social organizations

There is still time to join the collective voice! We invite you to collectively reflect on how social organizations in the region are like in terms of diversity. 

All those who are part of a social organization, whether paid or voluntary, formal or informal organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, can participate in the survey that we are carrying out from RACI with the support of the Innovation for Change Regional Center in Latin America. The survey is available for 34 countries and in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Considering that culture is facing a paradigm shift, the purpose of this study is to arise fruitful debates that reinforce and collaborate with our commitment to Human Rights, and that these be diverse, accessible and plural spaces.

From RACI we understand that it is vital that we as social organizations analyze our practices and dynamics, and analyze the extent to which we are challenging the prevailing standards of exclusion and privilege. For this reason, we seek to gather the concerns, opinions and reflections of different voices in order to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the diversity in our sector. 

Join the collective voice and answer the survey!