Introducing the Ex-Presidents Committee!

Our Executive Committee has approved the establishment of the “Ex-Presidents Committee.”

This new committee represents a dedicated space for safeguarding our mission and institutional principles. At RACI, we firmly believe in the importance of evolving and growing to promote transparency, cooperation, and strength within our community. The creation of the Ex-Presidents Committee is a testament to our ongoing commitment to a more solid and collaborative future.

The founding members of this committee, who have served as presidents of RACI at different times, are:

  • Daniel Pomerantz – AMIA
  • Kurt Frieder – Huésped Foundation
  • Patricia Kahane – Tzedaká Foundation

Each of them brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of RACI’s values and mission. Their previous leadership and dedication to the civil society cause will be instrumental in guiding this new space.

The Ex-Presidents Committee will play an essential role in preserving and strengthening the essence of RACI, ensuring that we continue moving in the right direction and keeping our core values at the heart of everything we do.