Have you Participated in the Perspective on COVID-19 Survey?

To understand and measure the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Argentine Civil Society Organizations and their work teams, RACI has launched the Perspective on COVID-19 survey. Its purpose is to make a diagnosis about the current state of the sector and thus create relevant and necessary input for future advocacy in this critical context.

The survey aims to analyze variables such as the support capacity, the main needs and concerns of the CSOs in the context of a pandemic, the changes and initiatives implemented to adapt to the situation, among others. Throughout this survey, we will be able to map both the main difficulties and threats to which organizations are exposed, as well as the main tools and strengths that each one has.

People who work or volunteer in the following Argentine social organization may be able to participate: Civil Associations, Foundations, Religious Entities, Mutuals, Cooperatives, Cooperators, Networks, Alliances and Federations, Neighborhood Centers, Retiree Centers, Mutual Aid Associations. Also, Societies, Public Libraries, Universities and other educational establishments. Too, Research Institutes, Neighborhood Clubs or Sports Associations, Think Tanks, Business Foundations, Social Companies, Trade or professional associations. Additionally, Grassroots Organizations, Community Organizations, Organizations linked to a community/nationality/ethnic origin, Organizations dedicated to cultural or artistic development, Charitable/Assistance organizations.

The survey can be answered until June 5th by more than one person, from the same organization, as it seeks to assemble the perspective of those who comprise them. Your perspective is very valuable, join it!

To have access to the survey press here.