Flower of diversity

RACI was honored to participate in the event Flor Diversity Awards 2022, held by Fundación Flor (Flower Foundation), which recognizes organizations and companies that promote positive transformation through the inclusion of diversity in their environment. The event also celebrated the 10th anniversary of Fundación Flor.

The meeting took place at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) and was broadcast on the foundation’s website, where the recording can be found. The objective was to disseminate and recognize those organizations for which managing diversity is part of their strategy, as well as to encourage many others to embark on this path.

In this seventh edition of the awards, the members of the jury were:

  • Ana Inés Alvarez (Executive Director at Fundación Avon).
  • Kurt Fried (President of Fundación Huésped).
  • Francisco C. Ortega (President of Binden Group).
  • Laura Gaidulewicz (Director at Binden Group).
  • Gala Díaz Langou (Executive Director at CIPPEC).
  • Virginia Genovesi (Member of the Board of Directors of Fundación Flor).
  • Ivan de Pineda (actor and presenter).

Many organizations applied and the awards were divided into three main categories: NGOs, SMEs and companies.

As for the first category, among the finalists were: Asociación Civil Impacto Digital, Asociación de Ayuda al Ciego and Fundación Casaclub, and the winner was Asociación Civil Impacto Digital, for its great contribution and innovation to include diverse groups and its actions in sexual education, as well as gender, age and cultural diversity.

In the second category, the finalists were Grupo Mitre, Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum and Win & Winnow Language Services, and the winner was Grupo Mitre, which received this recognition for the cultural change they propose, through the promotion of the presence of women in traditionally male positions and for their work with people from vulnerable socioeconomic sectors. Their representative highlighted how, from their position, they managed to position women in a “traditionally” male sector, such as the construction industry.

In the third category, the finalists were Globant, Banco Galicia and IBM. The winner was Globant, distinguished for its global and local commitment to diversity as a key factor for innovation and business purpose. “We are proud to be here and to be able to share what we are doing because we are in a complex industry with a global presence of 80% men,” said part of the winning team.

In addition, there was recognition for public sector organizations and among the finalists were the Undersecretariat for the Elderly GCBA (Government of the City of Buenos Aires), the Professional Council of Economic Sciences CABA (Government of the City of Buenos Aires), the Undersecretariat of Sustainable Development SMEs and the Secretariat of Production and Economic Development (Municipality of San Martin). The winner was the Subsecretaría para Personas Mayores GCBA, which receives this recognition for its comprehensive approach and articulated work with a disadvantaged group, totally invisible, such as the elderly.

From RACI we are grateful to be part of this kind of events, which encourage and promote organizations and companies. As well as new leaders who understand the positive impact of building diverse, inclusive and equitable ecosystems in the workplace and in society.

We understand that today’s organizations are aware of the challenge of today’s world, in which, in order to achieve their economic, social and environmental results, they need to be creative and innovative. Managing diversity is the strategic key to achieve this goal, which will also provide them with the greatest achievement: to be part of the transformation to a fairer and more inclusive society.

We are happy to be part of this management, together with so many other organizations, and to make visible, together, the importance of diversity inclusion for the construction of a slightly fairer society.

We congratulate all those organizations, SMEs and winning companies, we are glad to have been invited to participate in the event and we encourage them to continue working together and networking to build a civil society where diversity is at the center.