Discover the winners of the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina 2022-2023!

In 2022, RACI once again collaborated with the co-management of the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina.

This time, the application was divided into two parts. During the first phase, RACI received a total of 322 applications from Argentina (286) and Paraguay (36).

The proposals were evaluated under an evaluation system with the following categories: organization profile, project feasibility, project characteristics, project innovation and sustainability, and impact and budget analysis.

The proposals received focused on “Economic and Social Inclusion”, “LGTBIQ+ Community Rights”, “Community Development” and “Climate Change and Resilience”.

After an evaluation by our team, 67 organizations were shortlisted and had to complete the extended application form.

Once the second round of evaluation was completed, the organizations selected by the Embassy of New Zealand were:

  • Fundación León (Argentina): project “Water education for the sustainable local development of the Bajo Valle Calchaquí”, with the objective of strengthening water security and youth participation for the sustainable local development of the Quilmes indigenous community.
  • Fundación Patagonia Natural (Argentina): “Renewable energies in school villages in the Patagonian steppe of Argentina” project, which seeks to sustainably improve the quality of life in steppe school villages in Patagonia through the use of renewable energies (solar thermal).
  • Moisés Bertoni Foundation (Paraguay): project “Food Security under sustainable and resilient food systems in the Mby’a indigenous community in Tacuaro, Paraguay”, which seeks to increase access to food and nutritional security for the Mby’a indigenous community in Tacuaro.
  • Environmental Leaders Forum (Argentina): project “Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency as resilience mechanisms to reduce the environmental impact of the use of fossil fuels for air conditioning and food processing in the “Cantera 25″ neighborhood of Concepción del Uruguay, Province of Entre Ríos” with the aim of reducing the use of wood and coal fuels until they are replaced by renewable sources and educating on the efficient and rational use of energy.

We congratulate the winning organizations of this edition and wish them much success in the implementation of their projects!