A new Executive Committee, a new beginning

During october, we have the honor of sharing a launch to bid farewell to the outgoing Executive Committee. This was held in our cowork for social organizations, one of our great achievements, and, at the end, we had the opportunity to review some of the milestones of the management.

Among many achievements, some of them were:

  • Institutional policies.
  • Construction of a more federal RACI.
  • Processes of dialogue and reflection.
  • Team growth: challenging context of rotation.
  • Internal reengineering and stabilization, despite the changes.
  • Creation of social coworking.

For all this and much more, in addition to having been a fundamental support and pillar for our institution, we would like to bid farewell to the members of the outgoing 2020-2022 committee, who have put their commitment and dedication at the service of the growth of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation. We are very grateful to Daniel Pomerantz (AMIA), Manuel Jaramillo (Fundación Vida Silvestre), Natalia Gherardi (ELA), Marisa Giraldez (Banco de Alimentos), Mariela Belski (Amnistía), Virgilio Gregorini (TECHO) and Diego Aguilar (Fundación León).

We also thank the alternate members for this period, who participated in the meetings and collaborated with their contributions. They are: Nicolás Rosenthal (Fundación Protestante Diaconía Hora de Obrar), Carolina Tamagnini (FUNDEPS) and Nicolás Federico (Fundación Reciduca)

We are very pleased to announce that during the last Members’ Assembly, held at AMIA -whom we thank for the space-, the results of the elections of the new members and their alternates of the Executive Committee for the period 2022-2024 were announced.

We would like to introduce the new members of the Executive Committee:

We also thank the alternate members, who are:

  • Primer suplente: Nicolás Federico (Fundación Reciduca).
  • Segundo suplente: Ariel Dorfman (Fundación Encontrarse en la Diversidad).
  • Tercer suplente: Nicolás Rosenthal (Fundación Protestante Diaconía Hora de Obrar).

On the other hand, we would like to highlight the great participation of the candidates during this 2022 election process, which highlights the diversity and growth of RACI, through the excellent professionalism and human quality of those who applied.

On behalf of RACI we thank each of the nominees for their interest and commitment to us. We are very happy and grateful that you can join us on this path, we wish you the best and hope to do great things together.

We welcome you!