RACI and AGNA: An Alliance of Opportunities

With the purpose of showcasing our commitment on the global stage and our determination to bring the best to our members, we want to highlight how RACI is strengthening its engagement in global networks through active participation in AGNA (Affinity Group of National Associations).

AGNA is a network that brings together organizations from around the world with the aim of promoting cooperation beyond national and regional boundaries. This alliance not only creates opportunities for innovative collaborations but also enhances the impact of civil society on a global scale.

AGNA serves as a crucial platform for empowering people to organize, mobilize, and take action. Through this alliance, meaningful opportunities are generated for networks to connect, engage, and influence global government institutions and processes. This movement is an affirmation of the collective power and transformative influence that civil society can wield in the world.

By actively participating in AGNA, we are reinforcing our commitment to global networks and demonstrating our unwavering determination to bring the latest information, trends, and opportunities to our members. We are committed to deepening our network efforts, amplifying AGNA’s work worldwide, and solidifying the position of civil society as an influential actor on the international stage.