Final Event of the 2022-2023 Edition of the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina and Paraguay

On August 31st, we were at the New Zealand Embassy in Argentina participating in the closing event of the latest edition of the fund. During this meeting, the representatives of each of the winning organizations of this edition of the fund shared with us the results and impact generated by their projects in the communities where they were implemented.

In this last edition of the Fund, the New Zealand Embassy supported four organizations from Argentina and Paraguay in the following projects:

León Foundation: with the aim of strengthening water security and youth participation for the sustainable local development of the Quilmes indigenous community in Tucumán.

Patagonia Natural Foundation: seeking sustainable improvement in the quality of life in school villages on the Patagonian steppe through the use of renewable energies (solar thermal).

Moisés Bertoni Foundation: with the objective of increasing access to food security and nutrition for the Mby’a indigenous community in Tacuaro, Paraguay.

Strategic Forum for National Development Foundation: with the goal of reducing the use of wood and charcoal fuel until replaced by renewable sources and educating on the efficient and rational use of energy in Entre Ríos.

On another note, we want to share that the New Zealand Embassy in Argentina has decided to work on finding a new approach to optimize resources and maximize the reach and impact of the Fund. For this reason, there will be no usual call for project proposals for the 2023-24 edition.

This decision recognizes and takes into account the continuous efforts of organizations in Argentina and Paraguay and is part of a broader process of rethinking and redesigning effective strategies to maximize our contribution to the local community in Argentina and Paraguay.

We remain committed to seeking new channels of support for civil society and establishing new partnerships that can enhance the impact of their actions.