You can also collaborate with the #ShareTheLove campaign

Share the ❤️ is a global campaign that is held in more than ten countries all around the world, with the proposal of strengthening the programs from Civil Society Organizations that have been affected by the crisis. Worldwide, a few of our more loved and essential organizations have joined in a spectacular proof of collective kindness. This crisis has created extraordinary challenges for a whole range of people around the world and we really want our organizations to be able to continue helping.

Share the ❤️ is about joining in a global act of collective kindness so as to be able to support the mission and the activities of many Civil Society Organizations that need your help, today more than ever.

We count on your support in Argentina!


With your collaboration, you are helping these ten CSOs in Argentina to continue carrying out their work and reaching those who need it most: RACI, Civic House, Fundación Cruzada Patagónica, Encontrarse en la diversidad, Reciduca,  Cooperadora del Hospital de Niños «Dr. Ricardo Gutiérrez», Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina,  Asociación Civil Alegría Intensiva, Cimientos y  Fundación el arte de vivir.