Welcoming Our New Members of the Network

RACI continues growing! The network is expanding and, in this opportunity, twenty-two new members will be included.

Following its mission, the Network continues to strengthen an inter-institutional space for dialogue and exchange between multiple organizations and Civil Society actors. Pursuing the goal set more than ten years ago, the Network continues to nurture its membership with 20 new members, who will expand its diversity and heterogeneity.

Once the membership process was concluded, in a warm meeting held virtually on July 23, from RACI we welcomed the new members of the Network.

At that meeting, the Executive Director of our organization emphasized the importance of cooperation and the benefits of being active members of the Network.

After the signing of the agreements, we are pleased to announce that the incoming members of RACI are:

  • Alianza por Venezuela
  • Animando Vidas Asociación Civil
  • Asociación Civil Contribuir al Desarrollo Local
  • Asociación Civil Estrategias Educativas
  • Asociación Civil Mensajeros de la Paz
  • Asociación Civil Monte Adentro
  • Comunidad Malú Asociación Civil
  • El Portal del Sol
  • Fundacion Cultura para Todos
  • Fundación Distrito Rotario
  • Fundación Educando
  • Fundación El Arte de Vivir
  • Fundación Encontrarse en la Diversidad para la Educación Intercultural
  • Fundación Horacio Zorraquín
  • Fundación Niñ@Sur para los derechos humanos
  • Fundación para la Conservación y el Uso Sustentable de los Humedales
  • Fundación Plurales
  • Grupo Autoayuda Mal de Alzheimer y Enfermedades Semejantes
  • Inmigrantes Digitales Asociación Civil
  • Junior Achievement Argentina
  • Sholem Buenos Aires
  • Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras

Welcome to RACI!