RACI Opens the Call for the 2021 Membership!

On May 1st RACI will open the call for membership 2021, aimed at adding new Argentine Civil Society Organizations to this diverse and vibrant collective. The process will run throughout May.

With the mission of creating a space for dialogue and exchange towards sustainable development and social transformation, RACI continues to convene new organizations to strengthen this space for working together. In this context, being part of the Network opens to each organization a range of possibilities of joint and comprehensive work towards the problems of the country and the world along with more than 150 organizations. This is how, through advocacy, research, capacity building, and information dissemination, Civil Society develops and optimizes its capabilities and skills.

To become a member of RACI, applicant organizations must be non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit Argentine social organizations working in the country. In addition, they must be registered under Argentine legal regulations and must have been in operation for at least 2 years. Finally, it is important that these organizations participate in the membership briefing or have a previous meeting with the RACI team, to be aware of the commitments that membership implies.

In the current context, the role of Civil Society organizations is fundamental and their actions must have ever greater scope and impact. The protection and improvement of civic space is a mission where the actions of each organization generate multiplier effects throughout the network. The transformations cannot wait and RACI is the place to co-create them in an articulated manner.

All information about the call for membership can be found at For inquiries, organizations may contact