We launched our 2023 Yearbook. Find out about the activities we carry out during the year!

We launched our Yearbook 2023, a compilation of the projects, activities, and achievements that marked our commitment to Civil Society. Throughout the year, we achieved notable milestones that strengthen our network’s impact.

We obtained the status of Consultative Non-Governmental Organization with ECOSOC at the United Nations, solidifying our international presence. Guillermo Correa ́s inclusion in the IAVE Committee strengthened our representation in Latin America. We enthusiastically welcomed 41 new Civil Society Organizations to RACI, expanding our network to over 200 members by the end of the year. Additionally, we celebrated RACI’s appointment as the national coordinator for Good Deeds Day, showcasing our commitment to positive initiatives at both local and international levels.

In the realm of social investment, 2023 was a strategic year. We maximized investment in CSOs, with notable collaborations such as the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Mexico, the Karelsie Foundation, the Innovation Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Annual Social Inclusion Award. These associations enable us to manage funding for 38 projects and mobilize over $300,000 USD to drive CSO initiatives in Argentina.

Furthermore, we focused on knowledge management, producing key documents and conducting research to understand the current landscape of International Cooperation in our region. Through 243 surveys and 50 interviews in 19 countries, we provided crucial data for regional progress.

We appreciate your participation and continuous support for the growth of our country and the region.

Thank you for accompanying us!