We continue visiting our partners!

Among all the activities promoted by the Network, since last year, RACI continues to implement a schedule of visits to partner organizations with the objective of bringing the teams closer together, knowing the themes in which they work and the communities they support on a daily basis.

On this occasion RACI visited Tzedaká Foundation, an organization with more than 25 years working in the sector focused on the fight against poverty mainstreamed by different complementary programs that make the integrality with which the problems in the Foundation are treated.

Over the years, the Foundation has been able to develop different accompanying programs that are divided into the following axes: education, health, housing, childhood and old age. Among all the activities carried out within the different axes of action, we highlight the uninterrupted receipt of donations of medicines which are classified, systematized and re organized to be donated again.

During the visit, the group of volunteers, together with the Tzedaká staff, explained the exhaustive procedure of analysis of donations that has a first stage of discarding those drugs that are due or about to expire. Those that are in conditions to be consumed are grouped according to their drug and dose and the carton is classified and any other material that can be recycled.

In the same process, the volunteers, and later the team of pharmacists, systematize all the data that allow the organization to obtain the traceability of each drug before being sent to its final destination: direct beneficiaries of a Tzedaká program or indirect beneficiaries such as hospitals.

Thanks to the commitment of a large team of professionals and the volunteer network they have developed, they provide direct assistance to more than 11,000 people and approximately 35,000 indirectly.

From RACI we thank the Foundation for having received the team and let you know more about the excellent work they do.