We continue to train in Design Thinking!

The RACI Argentina team, together with members of Jóvenes Contra la Violencia, Grupo Faro and Alianza ONG, was certified in the innovative methodology of Design Thinking.

This Diploma was carried out by Innovation for Change (I4C) in collaboration with Wake Up Academy during two intensive days held on February 18 and 19.

The Diploma emerged as a need from Innovation Laboratories to strengthen the capacities of Civil Society Organizations which, in the face of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, had to face new challenges and make great efforts to develop ideas that promote collaboration in the search for innovative solutions for the problems that the country and the region are facing.

The Design Thinking methodology is a tool widely used by different teams to find solutions to social or organizational problems. It focuses on finding ideas that address concrete problems and are viable in the long term. In addition to this, the characteristic of this tool is that it addresses the specific needs of a group of people or a community, understanding their particular situation in order to generate projects with greater impact.

Design Thinking consists of five fundamental stages, which are carried out after having identified a complex problem. These steps are: empathize, define, devise, prototype and test, in each of them a process of analysis, creativity and design is carried out. It is an innovative way to devise workable solutions with positive results.

This opportunity allowed the teams from each organization to carry out activities to understand the application of this methodology and thus transmit this knowledge by facilitating Design Thinking sessions.

From RACI we want to thank Wake Up Academy and Innovation for Change (I4C) for giving us the opportunity to continue training and learning to strengthen Civil Society Organizations.