Visiting CLAYSS, Another View of Learning and Solidary Service

Framed by our monthly visits to member organizations, RACI visited CLAYSS (The Latin American Center for Learning and Solidary Service).

CLAYSS is an organization founded in 2002 with the objective to develop and create a practice of social service learning. Following a presentation about the topic of service learning, they presented their work on local, regional and international levels. CLAYSS develops successful programs, offers face-to-face and distance trainings in various languages, carries out research projects, publishes books and broadcast material, provides organizational advising and advocates for the implementation of policies.

Currently, CLAYSS operates in various countries of Latin America, including Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and more. Furthermore, it works on projects in Central and Eastern Europe and coordinates the Ibero-American Network of service-learning and the Workshop Network of Universities for civic and social commitment.

CLAYSS is organizing the 22nd international seminar on learning and solidarity service – free-of-charge – August 29th and 30th at UCA.  This is an opportunity to listen to leading international specialists, share knowledge and experience, and build networks. To sign up for the Seminar of Learning and Social Service, go to