United Nations Argentina and the Argentine Government signed the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for 2021-2025

In November, Felipe Solá, Foreign Affairs minister, joined Roberto Valent, UN Resident Coordinator in Argentina, with the objective of signing a new Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for 2021-2025 (UNSDCF). This represents a great opportunity for the country, as it manifests the support from the UN in the achievement of the Agenda 2030 and it’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the third cooperation framework between the UN and Argentina. What’s more, it is the result of a collaborative analysis and planning involving different sectors: governmental representatives, civil society, academics and private sector. RACI, as representative of the non-profit sector, had the opportunity of contributing by facilitating a space for dialogue and exchange among member organizations.

The UNSDCF focuses on “four principal dimensions: Economic, Social, Environmental and Governance, and other six cross-sectional areas: Human Rights Approach, Gender Approach, not leaving anyone behind, Territory, Environmental Sustainability and COVID-19’s impact.

As mentioned above, this framework represents a greater step towards strengthening international cooperation. In words of Roberto Valent, “we believe it will serve to support the country’s solutions and responses in the economic, social and environmental spheres”.

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