Two years of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

On 25th September, 2017, it will be two years since the establishment of the new Development Agenda 2015-2030.

The new Agenda was officially discussed at the Sustainable Development Summit, held between September 25 and 27, 2015, as the central event of the United Nations General assembly in New York. There, 196 world leaders generated a proposal for 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with their 169 targets to be up to 2030.

The SDGs are, in some way, the continuation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs were eight human development goals set in the year 2000 that the then 189 UN member countries agreed to uphold until 2015. In order to give continuity to these already established objectives, and to make the necessary modifications, the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2015 approved this Agenda, to be met until 2030.

Civil Society Organizations, as well as state and citizens, are the key players committed to comply with the ODS in order to carry out the challenges imposed by the new development Agenda.
Is in this way that RACI (who works towards objective 17), as well as many CSOs, have framed their work to contribute to the fulfillment of the SDGs. Consequently, RACI has undertaken events and projects such as Action/2015, the Dialogue tables on SDG 16, #DONTLEAVEANYONEBEHIND and the Platform SDG. The last one in particular aims to give visibility to the work carried out by Civil Society Organizations within the framework of the fulfilment of the Objectives of Sustainable Development.

If your organization works with SDG themes such as eradicating poverty and hunger, improving health and education, building more sustainable cities, combating climate change and protecting forests and oceans and wants to be part of to the platform, you can do it here.

Also in the context of the second anniversary of the SDGs, the United Nations launched the “My world 2030” survey, that directly links each citizen’s responses to the monitoring efforts of the United Nations and the governments on the progress of the SDGs, and seeks to draw attention to the most relevant issues from the point of view of citizens in real time. To complete the survey and participate in the campaign enter here, take a photo completing the survey and upload it to your networks with the hashtag #Act4SDGs and #ActXtheSDG.