There is 1 day left to close the RACI membership process!

You still have time. The first steps to enter the membership process are simple and short. Read the note and find out how to join as new partner of our organization.

Before starting to complete any form, the first step is to research about the work of RACI. Navigate our website, meet the 130 organizations that accompany us, contact and ask them to tell you their experiences, search us on social networks and check all the activities we do. Read about the projects in which we are involved, the strategic actors with whom we are connected, and above all, the work we have been doing every day for ten years in order to strengthen the Argentine Civil Society.

The next step is to dialogue with your organization so that everyone is aware of the intentions of applying to the membership process. Remember that the agreement with RACI must be signed by the Executive Director or a member of the Administrative Council.

Once these steps are completed, your organization is ready to start the process! Enter in to complete the form with some information of your NGO and send a Letter of Intent signed by the members of Executive Committee or the representative of the organization, where the reasons for which you want to be members of RACI are explained. This letter must contain the logo of the organization and must be sent to Both the form and the Letter of Intent must be completed until May 31st at 6 pm.  After May, the RACI Executive Committee will analyze the requests on a case-by-case basis, and if you NGO meet all the requirements, we will be contacting you in June to begin the second stage of the process.

Watch this video tutorial in which explains how to access the membership form, and if you have any questions, write to We count on your support to keep growing.