The new edition of Give & Gain has already have a date in Argentina!

Give & Gain is a global movement that promotes the corporate volunteering as a key tool for investment in the community in the framework of SRE strategy and sustainability of organizations. CSR360 Global Partner Network, global network of non-governmental organizations that work with companies to improve their positive impact on society, offers an infrastructure of local experience and supports Give & Gain worldwide.

This year, the 6th edition of International Week of Corporate Volunteering will be held in Argentina from May 18 to 28, 2018, by Fundación Compromiso, an organization that receives the reports of the activities carried out in the country. In addition to positioning once again the theme of corporate volunteering, Give & Gain provides the opportunity to communicate and value the work carried out by companies and their employees.

The International Week of Corporate Volunteering brings together volunteers from companies and organizations from all over the country who participate in specific corporate volunteering activities concentrated in the same week. By involving a large number of volunteers, it promotes the talent, the skills and the energy of the employees and the role they can have in helping communities.

In 2017, Give & Gain recorded the participation of 1.370 volunteers in Argentina from 20 companies and organizations. There were 34 activities in 9 provinces of the country, reporting 5,861 hours and a total of 4,263 direct beneficiaries.

Interested companies and organizations can participate of Give & Gain 2018 in three different ways:

  • Your own way:the company develops its own corporate volunteer activities and shares their results. Fundación Compromiso is responsible for reporting them nationally and worldwide, and disseminating the experience in social networks in Argentina.
  • To your needs: Fundación Compromiso offers a series of activities for the company to participate in, generating a link with the implementing organization and coordinating the The experience is disseminated in social networks in Argentina and is reported nationally and worldwide.
  • Sponsorship: in addition to coordinating a “customized” activity, live coverage is provided with photos and video. Every “customized” activity of the company is disseminated and the brand is visible in the event’s promotional material as well on the t-shirts.

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